The She’s ‘My Secret To Keep’ Music Video

Pretty catchy jam!

Extremely Creepy 60′s Cereal Commercial

The perovskite lightbulb moment for solar power

So cool! Via The Guardian “If perovskites mean nothing to you read on, as they may have a very big impact on your future fuel bill. If we could capture approximately 1% of the

Sundials ‘Mosby Blues’ Music Video


How To Make Pancakes Like A Druggie

It was promising up until the part he puts lemon juice on it. Put maple syrup on that shit like a sane person!

The HardPack ‘Exterminate White People’ Music Video

Sick rhymes from The Hardpack!

This Guy Knows His Pizza

I love this kid. Subscribe to his Youtube Channel!

Russian Military Attack Helicopters Over The Crimea Ukraine

More shit might be hitting the fan soon!

Sebadoh ‘Not Too Amused’ Stream

One of my favorite Sebadoh songs, which will now be one of yours!